David Gordon Choral Supertitles
elegant words for heart and mind...

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Technical information:

My supertitles are simple PowerPoint presentations, completely compatible with PCs or Macs. Simply transfer one PowerPoint file from my CD onto your computer hard drive, double click the file to begin, focus the first test image on your screen, and press the space bar to proceed from slide to slide.

To use my supertitles, you need:

1. Computer (Mac or PC, laptop or desktop)
2.Trebuchet, Arial and Times New Roman fonts
3.Digital video projector & projection screen

No modifications are necessary to the projector. The titles are light-colored text on a black background, so there is no light "spillover" beyond the edges of the screen. Simply zoom the projector lens until the titles fill the screen.

The supertitles are formatted to a standard aspect ratio (1X4.3). Custom formatting is available. I can also incorporate your organization's logo into the slides, for display prior to your concert or during intermission.

Here are photos of supertitles in action


Click image to see an actual supertitle slide


I supply you with a clearly marked cueing score.

Click the image belowi to see
an actual page from a cueing score

Want to see how these slides look on your projection screen?
Download a short (15 slide) PowerPoint sample presentation<

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